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The Entrepreneur's MBA

Business Education

FOR entrepreneurs

BY entrepreneurs.


GSE is a new way to MBA.  


GSE considers the entrepreneur's needs and builds programs to enhance the entrepreneurial experience, not interrupt it.  


Our signature programs let entrepreneurs apply their real-world experience to the MBA curriculum so that what you learn

immediately impacts what matters most

to you and your business.

GSE Programs

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Accredited MBA Degree


Our Mastermind to MBA™ program brings the best of a forum-like experience together with a highly applicable academic program.


A cohort of 8-10 students meet every three weeks for just over a year to discuss their academic assignments as they apply to their real world.


Students learn from each other as well as from the academic assignments, the guidance of the professor and distinguished subject matter lecturers.


Accredited MBA Degree


We created the MBA My Way™ program to address the needs of those who desire more control over their learning schedule and a private professor experience.

Up to three students can apply together to form a custom cohort with a designated professor who guides this mini cohort through an even more personalized program.


It's the same accredited academic rigor and programming but with more ability to set the perfect pace. 

3 Credit GSE Course
How to Build a High-Performing Single-Family Office and Optimize Your Financial and Personal Lives


Successful people are gravitating toward building family offices more than ever. Whether it is choosing to establish a single-family office or avail themselves of the expertise of a multi-family office, the Family Office is the way to optimize financial and personal lives.


High-performing Family Offices can deliver superior results over individual service providers from private banks and accounting firms to law firms and wealth managers. 

Family offices need all these experts, but a family office can more effectively direct and manage these advisors if they understand the nuances, intricacies, and best practices of building a functional, sustainable Family Office.


Why we created the GSE MBA


The GSE MBA is tailored to the student, the entrepreneur, and you. Not the institution.


Unlike traditional full-time MBA programs that demand a two-year hiatus from work and family, our program schedule takes into account your needs.


Whether you join our peer-based cohort model or our one-to-one program, we provide with a dedicated professor and subject matter experts for an entrepreneurial-focused curriculum to enhance your business journey and develop your skills like critical thinking, strategic planning, and leadership.

Our program culminates in a Capstone Project.  You analyze real business challenges using multidisciplinary approaches to present actionable solutions, applying academic concepts to your own business objectives

Why we were created
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What our learners say

"GSE met my needs. I wanted to continue to run my business while earning an MBA, an academic credential I noticed many of my peers had. As one of the first GSE MBA graduates, I cannot recommend it more highly. I now have the business knowledge and credentials valued in many corners of the world."

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Scott Barrack
Partner, Head of Investments at Relevant Living 

Meet the Team

Shelby Scarbrough
Co-Founder & CEO
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Dave Galbenski
Co-Founder & Chairman
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Eliot Gattegno
Academic Dean
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George Gan
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Warren Rustand

Some of our 
Distinguished Guest 

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Andrew Sherman
Mike Maddock
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Greg Crabtree
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Byron McFarland
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Bob Shenefelt
Julia Langkraehr
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